Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Playlist 2012

I was inspired by my good friend Woody Woodbeck (Check Out his playlist on OUT Magazine's Blog HERE) to create my own Summer Playlist for all you boys n gals.

These songs may not be on the radio, but i wanted to introduce you to AMAZING music that you might not come across.

It will really make you wanna get all the HOT TOPS, Guys and Party!

Hope You Enjoy
(these songs are not in order in anyway...)

  1. "If We Do It" -Mike Munich
  2. "HeartKiller" -Kat Graham
  3. "How We Do" -Rita Ora
  4. "Keep Your Shoes" -Scissor Sisters
  5. "Loaded" -Amber Rose
  6. "Trouble" -Willam
  7. "Peanut Butter" -RuPaul
  8. "Naked Love" -Adam Lambert
  9. "Sexy Den A Motha..." -Cheryl Cole
  10. "Pretty Lady" -Kesha feat. Detox

Download my playlist HERE

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Lovely Rhea Thanks for the playlist you inspire me to be myself and enjoy life. And be open to all kinda of music xOXo